Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changing Link

Hi.. it has been a long time since i stopped by my blog.. i am changing my link.. the old link will no longer function.. this is the new link.. sorry for the inconvenience..

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wishing for a Shooting Star..

i don't really know where you are still reading.. or have you just gotten fed up and just completely stopped.. Things gotten out of hand lately and i haven't been on top of things.. I stopped by your blog recently and i realised that you no longer mentioned me.. I guess I may have bore you or are you just really disappointed at me till you dont feel the need to mention me..

Death is easy.. Just simple like a candle being put out.
Life is hard.. Just like a charcoal slowing burning oit the life in you till its is all ashes..

I still love you.. I do now.. I will always.. Love you..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

super duper short update..

im still alive.. don't worry.. see ya next time..

Saturday, March 20, 2010

True Colors

this is a nice song.. after it has been remix by glee cast.. it rocks.. all the way..
its so beautiful.. baby.. i dedicating this song to you.. i love you for who you are.. its because i saw your true colors.. i fell in love with you.. hugs.. i love you.. always and always i love you.. BIG KISSES!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My comeback..

hey.. its been a long time since i wrote a post.. i have been buried under all the fun and work i am having till i left my blog hanging.. though it was not a big deal because nobody is reading a levels result came out and it really sucked a lot and even more than before.. cant get into the course i desired and i have to postpone my dreams of becoming a pharmacist.. i am really disappointed in myself and i feel so ashamed that i did real bad.. i am ashamed of meeting any close relatives and any close friends now.. all of the might already knew what my results is.. i am scared to go back for chinese new year.. the questioning and all the stares.. they are not all bad, some of them are concerned, worried eyes.. i had start working since dec 9th 2009.. my salary should be coming out today or tomorrow.. i am almost flat on cash and in a few days i will be penniless.. i am gonna take foundation in sciences and get into pharmacy.. my bro is doing MUFY now and currently in sunway.. my sis and my mom are in Kuantan.. all of them are safe.. thank God.. My dad is doing very well.. i hope to see him when i get back to Kuantan.. I am very eager to start studying right away.. the earliest intake is march.. i may be doing the program in taylors or segi.. trying to find any other college that offers this and have an earlier intake.. I want to do things right and make it right all the way.. cant wait to graduated and start earning cash that would provide me an easier life.. my pay at starbucks in not that bright.. i need a better pay and working hours.. all of this would be impossible if i dont get a degree.. cant wait.. till then.. as the british say "cheerio!"

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

its almost over..

my bday has pass just right me n i m in the middle of my exam month.. my bday was blessed n pleasant because i was able to spend with baby.. We went Sunway to ice skate n play arcade.. i bought socks that day too! haha.. at 1st i thought it was guys sock.. but when i tried it on it is a little shorter n tighter than what i expected.. After sunway.. we head back to damansara for our dinner at 1U.. we ate at sushi zanmai a japanese restaurant at new wing near mph.. haha.. its was superb!! shun!! if you come kl i will bring u there go mkn your ikura.. very fresh!! haha.. thats was about it.. hehe still got!! my baby gave me a radioactive jumper, shirt and pants! haha i gonna upload pictures next round i update.. 5 more papers to Go minus the paper im taking later.. My last day of exam will be 20th of November.. 22nd my class having a class party in my chem lecturer's house.. all my lecturers are invited.. im gonna hunt for job after my exam and hopefully get one in my cousin's area.. or some other favorable places.. im am signing off.. till then.. i love u baby!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tomorrow is Thursday!

hehe.. tomorrow is thursday o.. the day that my baby is coming home to ktn.. hugs.. Cant wait to see her.. i wanna spend time with her.. xD hehe.. i just finish a movie called G-Force! a nice movie indeed.. it's a fairy tale type movie.. happy ending o.. hmm.. but there is a twist in plot.. most ppl can see it coming.. overall its a good movie.. 3.5 out of 5?? xD hmmm.. in the other hand my bro went to watch Final Destination 4.. for me it was gory!! haha.. i watch it with Ker.. xD i was like holding on to her n hugging her through out the whole show.. xD but iwas happy o!!! so HAPPY!! XD super smiley!! but is was gory.. Baby said that the 3rd one was much more gorier.. hmm.. haha.. gt one part i remember is the guys intestine got sucked out.. so damn sick!!!! so happy o!! cant wait to see baby o! went for McD's after the movie.. spicy mc'chicken.. my sis order fille o'fish.. so happy! return home with our stomach's satisfied.. In the otehr hand my bro went yumcha with his movie dates after fetching us home.. anyway.. TOMORROW IS THURSDAY!!! xD baby coming home.. miss her so much.. XD now i burning a cd that my sis borrow from the chucrh library.. The CD's name is called the soundtracks of The Chronicles of Narnia.. Hmm.. this movie not bad la.. the in the cd gt Delirious? Chris Tomlin, Toby Mac, Jars of Clay and much more.. the songs not bad.. so gonna put in my mp3! gtg.. wanna do something else dy.. cheerio!! till nxt time.. stay tune..

Final Destination 4! actor damn leng zai!

G-Force! so damn ke ai!! but my baby more ke ai rite?? haha.. xD

im still amazed by the size of the lion.. Narnia!!! Azlan!!